Why Choose Us

A homely & tranquil ambience: The surrounding environment plays an important role in the execution of teaching-learning activities effectively. The location of the organization is tranquil and homely, which adds beauty to the renowned name of the organization. Free voice and accent training for all: The accent of any candidate plays an important part in generating a high score in the speaking test section of IELTS training. It plays a crucial role in raising the scores of the candidates. As such, we conduct an effective voice and accent training session for the students, charging no cost. Individual attention in small classes: We provide a variety of classes for students where the number of students is kept to a minimum.The limited number of students in the class makes the learning atmosphere appropriate and, furthermore, creates conditions for giving individual attention to the students. Innovative, proven, and global teaching strategies: We adopt a well-accredited teaching strategy for building the caliber of students. The innovative and proven techniques would help students generate the required quality in them. Year-round class schedules: We offer a compatible and flexible class schedule for students throughout the year. As such, students can take the class as per their level of comfort and time availability. Effective learning outcomes: The teaching learning process is conducted in coordination with experienced, dedicated, and responsible professionals who help to produce effective outputs. Trainers for various subjects Weekly pre & mock test: In-house evaluation tests are conducted at regular intervals of time to determine the level of development. Native and top notch faculty (foreign university graduates): All the necessary instructions and suggestions are given to the candidates by qualified and experienced faculties who have obtained their graduation from reputed universities abroad. Latest & wide range of test preparation materials: Education policies keep on changing. So does the system of test preparation. The materials available for use need to be updated.We assure you of the availability of updated and a wide range of test preparation materials. Central and convenient location: Accessibility is a prime forte of any organization. The prime location, Putalisadak, which is in the heart of the city and considered an education hub, is a convenient location accessible to students from any part of the valley, and moreover, of the country. Motivating instructors: A team of professionals who are the best in their field are involved with the organization. The instructors in the service are motivating rather than dictating, which is important in the process of counseling. Cozy and small classrooms with projector added tutorials: Cozy and small classrooms with all the necessary equipment to ease the teaching and learning process are available. The utilization of optical devices like projectors while executing tutorials makes the process effective. Result-oriented package with individual care: The study packages offered are result-oriented. We tend to deliver individual care to the students so as to instill in them the required potential for the prescribed course. Free test preparation kit with every course: Test preparation kits are provided free of charge to students upon getting enrolled. This is helpful for the students to prepare for the course with effectiveness and ease. Affordable fee structure: The fee structure offered by the organization is affordable to students of all types of financial status. Telephone and online guidance to all students: The organization is committed to providing telephone and online assistance to the students during the odd times when they cannot present themselves in person. This service is efficiently executed for the betterment of students as and when required.